Access every single European Consumer. In just one click.

We connect brands, businesses and content creators on our own state-of-the-art platform to sell and promote to 440 million consumers. Sales, Advertising, Back-office. All automated. 

All-in-one service

Insights, promotion and logistics


We grow business by directly selling to consumers.

Thanks to our in-house data, operations, marketing and business development team, we are able to exponentially grow any brand. 

We connect brands directly to the consumers via marketplaces. We connect consumers to content creators. And best of all, we take care of everything. From design, to advertising to logistics. 

All-in One Solution

We create solutions to growing and established brands. We leverage content creators audiences for global good.

Marketing Machine
Marketing Machine

We use state-of-the-art software to create organic growth along with content creators and platform reach, next to performance advertising.

Marketplace Magicians
Marketplace Magicians

We manage an array of our own european marketplaces, but we also excel at selling products one of the 200+ European marketplaces

Data Wizards
Data Wizards

We leverage data to sell products to the right consumer at the right time to increase ROI and ROAS (And happy faces!)

Specialized in complete e-commerce management solutions.

Every single company’s situation is different. Some business have dedicated e-commerce team’s in place and are already seling globally. Others sell from their garage. We are confident and experienced in the management and growth of either one. 

Your own dedicated team

From the first moment you are greated by an amazing onboarding team lead by your very own account manager. Thanks to the Data-Team your products are effortlessly imported and optimized. From here on our logistics team takes care of all orders, customer succes takes care of your customers and marketing does the selling. We even build your very own flag ship (physical) store. 

Sell to the consumer directly without any hassle

From B2B to D2C

We leverage every single aspect of the European consumer market in your favour. From branding, to marketplaces and from marketing to advertising.

Advanced marketplace usage

We run proprietary algorithms on Europe’s 200+ of the biggest marketplaces to decide where and when to sell products. But unlike traditional integrators, we build our own marketplaces and communities around your brand. 

Data Driven Marketing

We use the likes of Big Data, AI and advanced statistical analysis by our data team to determine the best course of action on where to access the right consumer for you. We are able to legally share data between platforms throughout the entire European Union, unlike any other agency. 

We don't only help brands, but also content creators.

Leverage your community

As a content creator, you absolutely love the people around you. You try new ways every to connect to your audience. Income streams are fluctuant and dependent on outside sources. 

We create entire brands and product ranges for content creators (100k+ Followers) for them to create additional ways to interact with their fans and to create a sustainable income stream. We build the brand on your reach, but develop a sustainable strategy that will not be based around you. 

We also help content creators Sell

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  • Sell your own products to consumers. 
  • Create your own product brand and establish a brand. 


Consumers tried it already

We competitively manage your online selling

The concept of selling online is not new. But being succesfull at it means you need to excel at all off the below subjects. Do you have those teams in place? Luckily, we do.

(Online) Marketing

We create content and brand awareness via organic growth with our content creators and branding teams.


We focus on creating creative advertising campaigns with high ROAS by using the latest tactics and brightest minds.

Strategy management

Deals and Co employs digital commerce strategists with 15+ years of experience to craft winning strategies.

Customer Care

We take care of any (after-)care of consumer ordering. This includes e-mails and telephone assitance.

Marketplace Management

We not only connect products to our own and European 80+ marketplaces, we use specialized algorithms to increase traffic.

Automated logistics

We take care of warehousing, last mile delivery and all other aspects with warehouses throughout the European Union.

Web Development

We create dedicated websites for brands and content creators of the highest standard and easy accesible dashboard.

Financial Services

We provide easy integrations to almost any bookkeeping software, along with financial advice and investment opportunities.

Merchant of Record

We can buy up stock, fill up our warehouses and act as the local selling party under our own brand or a mutual brand to create easy and fast access to the European Consumer.

Attracting the perfect customer

We manage and partner with companies and brand that reflect the ideal consumer of your products with A/B testing, fine-tuning and core-analysis. This creates happy customers and lower cost of acquisition. 

Increase customer lifetime value

  • We can access the same consumer over different channels and platforms to always give them what they need. 

  • We increase consumer experience to increase retention and organic growth.


Marketing solutions that fuel your business growth

We take care of your e-commerce needs. That includes marketing. You will be joining our team on a mission to increase sales!

Personal Account Manager

Risk Free Trial

Competitive Fees 

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Seamless Integrations

We connect virtually any known application or web service to our platform to ensure a seamless integration with all of our services. That means your advertising and logistics will be managed without your interference

Don't have a online store yet? No problem!

We create stunning websites with web shop functionalities that convert and rank high on Google search indexes. They are optimized for cross border ecommerce and ready to propel your brand to the next level. 

Hear From Our Customers

Over time, we have worked with some wonderful clients and this is what they have to say.


Every Marketplace connected.

We connect your product databases through our state-of-the-art Product Information Management systems and connect and optimize the data flow to Europe’s largest marketplaces. 

Not only get access to 200+ marketplaces, but dominate the front page with our trademark software solutions and data specialists. 

Got Questions? Look Here

We understand that our offer might seem a little confusing at first. But we got you covered. Please don't hesitate to ask us any remaining questions you have.

What does Deals and Co do?

Deals and Co is the biggest gateway to the European consumer. It helps brands and content creator sell their products online with an all-in-one solution. 

Do you only integrate marketplaces?

Unlike a traditional marketplace integrator, we look at the big picture. That is why we take care of you brand positioning, marketing and logistics along with keeping up to date on your growth strategy. 

How quickly can we start?

  • Once our data specialist have received all the product information from the account manager, we aim to be live and selling throughout Europe within 48 hours. 

  • With custom solutions (which we love) and specialized designs, we take a little more time. 

Why would I need Deals and Co's solutions?

We focus on mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with both suppliers and consumers. This way we can create a revised consumer platform revolving around customer and supplier succes. 

Do you integrate with my existing software?

We have a team of experts ready to connect virtually any known software architecture to our platform. Please have no hesitation to ask us any questions you have towards this topic. 

What are your data and privacy procedures?

With our onboard legal team we try to make sure we keep in line with all European regulations so that we can deliver the best service to our consumers and suppliers. 

Have more questions?

Simple And Flexible Pricing

We offer a simple and transparant service to our connected brands. .

Easy and quick setup.
From 799 /month

Excluding setup fee and commission on revenue

  • 200+ Marketplaces
  • Performance Marketing
  • Automated Logistics
  • Premium Support
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